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That’s when dad mentioned that mum had always wanted to go to Paris but they had never been able to go.The conversation carried on for a while about how I thought it might be better for mum to experience Paris with him and that this wasn’t probably the right occasion for Mum to join me.I had never really thought of my mum in any other way than ‘my mum’ up until that point but as I thought more and more about the trip my mind started to take a turn to the dark side.The thought of being in Paris for a few days with another woman other than my girlfriend was really getting me horny.And with that we set off for the airport for the short flight to Paris.The conversation on the trip was not too flowing to be honest, mainly as I was nervous about my plan and mum noticed. ” she asked “You’re really quiet” “I’m ok mum just really nervous about tonight, I’ve never received an award before” “it’s ok hon, you’ll be great, I’ll be there” as she put a reassuring hand on my leg “and you better keep calling me Becky from now on in case anyone else we meet is going to the event” she whispered.

I was getting so horny the more I thought about it and so by now I was quite regularly sorting myself out numerous times a day.

The story starts just after I won a university award in my field of maths (sounds boring I know! Anyway, as the university advised me of my winning presentation they told me the prize I had won. They advised me that the trip was for 2 people as I would not know anyone there as it was for the other winners around Europe and other universities.

I was ecstatic and accepted the trip there and then and gave my girlfriends name as the other guest.

Becky was also very pleased as felt it was safer than me going to Paris with a mate on the drink for a long weekend.

So effectively that was that and we had set the plans in place for the trip in a few weeks time.

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