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Some of the most popular Thai Night Clubs in Chiang Mai include Warm Up Cafe (photo), Monkey (200m from Warm Up), Hotshot Pornping and Bubble (just opposite).

Going to any of these clubs can be a lot of fun but don’t expect the girls to make the first move like in Zoe or Spicy.

Even better the girls are young and super hot, almost all of them which is kind of unusual too.

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The main action is going on at the outdoor bar and dance floor (see the video below) but they also got an indoor club just opposite. There are quite a few small bars clustered around Zoe in Yellow but none of them gets even half full while Zoe is packed already at 11pm when people start partying on the street.

Being not just the cultural but also economic center of Northern Thailand, Chiang Mai attracts young Thai girls from all over the region to either study there or to find work in one of the big or small companies or in the male-oriented entertainment industry.

It’s almost impossible to write a complete guide to nightlife in Chiang Mai as there are just too many venues worth mentioning so what you find here is a summary of the best spots in each category: Night clubs, go go bars, beer bars, karaoke bars, soapy massage parlors and small dirty massage shops as well as their exact locations on the map.

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