Names girls call guys when dating

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If he’s a tough guy, he may not warm up to this one right away!Button: Buttons help keep your clothes together, kind of like the way your boyfriend helps keep your life feeling like it is put together!Dear: This nickname is traditional and not too corny so he won’t mind if you call him this in public!Darling: Your boyfriend is your darling, so this one speaks for itself!

Hun Bun: This is another cute take on the popular nickname “honey.” Hunk: He is a hunk and he will be flattered every time he hears you call him this!Champ: Your guy is the champion of your heart so ‘champ’ fits him perfectly.Chief: Your guy likes to know that you think of him as being a leader so he won’t mind if you call him this in public!King: Every girl wants to be a princess, but guys fantasize about having the royal treatment too! Love Bug: He’s the one bug you don’t want to squash!Lovey: Another take on the classic nickname “love.” Love Muffin: You love muffins and you love your boyfriend so this one speaks for itself!

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